Logo Design + Brand Development

My Symptoms Matter Logo

My Symptoms Matter Logo

This logo was created to offer some visibility to a lack of symptom recognition for cancer in younger people – aimed at educating family practitioners. It needed to be urgent, while also visually signalling a doctor’s involvement and health. Keeping the branding colour of the parent organization (the warm navy), I added in a contrasting bold orange to demonstrate some urgency.

Burlington Chamber of Commerce Wonder Women Conference Logo

Burlington Chamber of Commerce : Conference Logo

This great conference presented by the chamber needed a fresh branding and logo design. The request? It needed to be inclusive, recognizably strong, feminine, and empowering without the use of traditionally pink/soft colours, silhouettes and styles. Mission accomplished!

Patient-Centred Approach to Clinical Trials

PACT: Patient-Centred Approach to Clinical Trials

As a health-sciences based logo, I felt this called for the use of orange as it is a highly energetic colour promoting feelings of health, determination and stimulation. Adding a perfect balance for the more modern turquoise, which has a calming effect and is also attributed to healing. The arrow symbol is a very solid representation of advancement and progress, but here, by adding in the circles, it creates a physical representation of people/patients with arms raised in victory, and the arrows also point to the physical centre, for a literal visual representation of ‘patient-centred’, visually driving the point home.

Port Perry Feeds logo

Port Perry Feeds

This Port Perry-based farm supply store wanted to incorporate the actual shape of their iconic building into their logo. Done + done! This rustic, yet modern  logo is bold and catchy.

Open Mountain Bikes Logo

Open Cycles

Developed a clean branding system for Open Mountain Bikes (by founder of Cervélo, Gerard Vroomen). A clean and minimalist approach is unheard of in the aesthetically congested world of mountain biking, so that is what was adopted here. We used colours to represent each facet of mountain biking; blue for sky, green for grass and trees, brown for dirt and mud, and orange for energy and sunshine. 

Dental Hygiene logo

Dental Hygiene on Demand

This mobile dental hygienist wanted a clean, clinical and modern logo that showed movement in their favourite colour palette. I agreed with the client’s colours choices, as they are both clinical and calming – a bonus for dental work!

Big Hit Lures logo

Big Hit Lures

Smaller-scale fishing lure company with a big heart needed a logo that was bold and most importantly, contemporary. The goal is to stand out is a sea of sameness — no green or obvious fish silhouettes here. It’s a hit!

bamboo fibre logo

Bamboo Fibre for KI

Kitchen Innovations needed a green-forward, earth friendly, clean and modern logo for their new range of sustainable bamboo fibre utensils.

Majestice Ice logo

Majestic Ice

This Great Dane breeder wanted to actually show a Great Dane profile. I chose to have the dog’s stance feel “majestic” and use the colour of the actual fur for the “Ice” portion of the logo (they are a light grey/blue in colour).

Spruceview Services logo

Spruceview Services

This property maintenance company needed a rebrand after 30 year in business. The use of a fresh, yet earthy forest green contrasting with energetic orange worked well. Combining it with a visual sense of pride using a sunrise-inspired starburst in front of a pristine modern treeline, of course!


Drywall Axe

Very cool start-up company with an amazing new invention needed a logo and branding. I decided to show what the tool actually does within the logo, and by including the perfectly tailored tag line, you can’t miss what this cool tool does! By using red, the colour of power and energy, we further drive this message home.

sim-net logo


This internet security and secure cloud-managed service provider needed a start-up logo (they have since re-branded and changed their strategy). This displays an immediate sense of security using lock + key … you can’t get more instantly recognizable than that! Navy blue is also the colour of trust, so I chose that as the wording colour. 

Social Media Marketing

Dental Hygiene on Demand Facebook Cover Photo

Social Cover Photos

Monthly cover photos for Dental Hygiene on Demand’s Facebook page. The example here was for JUNE which is also Pride month, so you will notice the use of summery imagery and rainbows too. I provide a different theme every month pertaining to any major holidays/events during the month. This helps keeps the page fresh!

Dental Hygiene on Demand Social Posts

Social Posts

Sample. Weekly “DenTips” segment created & branded as a fun and engaging way to keep audiences engaged and adding some levity. Created a “Den Tips” logo and template for consistent look. Also, similar “Did You Know?” branded segment to help educate clients on the myths and services of dental hygiene. “Did You Know” logo and template created for consistency. *Note: I also  create content for this client, and it’s super fun!

Maplelea Social Post Sample

Social Posts : Model Search

Social carousel post with continuous and bright background graphic for cohesiveness. Including samples of previous family models for context in a fun and engaging way. Created a ‘logo’ for the contest that has been used for the past few years for consistency. (Side note, I actually designed those BOTH SETS OF PJs! I also do apparel design!) 
Dental Hygiene on Demand - World Tobacco Day Social Post Sample

Informational Social Posts

For ‘World No Tobacco Day’, Dental Hygiene on Demand I created an informational and clinical feeling straightforward post, laid out in an easy to read and follow manner in their brand colours. 

Website Design

PACT website sample

PACT Canada.org

Full website design, graphics and development. The main goal was to have a friendly, people-first modern, clean site to display patient-centric information.


Foods That Fight Cancer

Foods That Fight Cancer
(Colorectal Cancer Canada)

Created full website, all design, graphics and development. The main goal was to have a modern, clean and health-forward site, that was very “visual-first”. It needed to appear fresh, fun, bright, and present the plethora of wonderful information in a clear way.


Maplelea Website Sample

Maplelea Dolls

Assisted with the development & oversaw design of fully integrated Shopify e-commerce site for educational toy company.  Created all graphics, images, some product photography, monthly hero images, SEO, back-end management and lower level development and coding. *Note: Their logo is pre-existing 


Yoga Vision

Yoga Vision

Monthly hero images created for YogaVision yoga studio. Great way to showcase monthly themes + specials.

Print Design

My Symptoms Matter Program

My Symptoms Matter Program

This program was designed with Family Practitioners as the target. Offering some visibility to a lack of symptom recognition for colorectal cancer in younger people – aimed at educating, while illustrating positive doctor-patient relationships, and an array of people. Feeling warm and inviting, while still keeping the branding colour of the parent organization as a feature for consistency. 

Please see the whole program here.

Burlington Chamber of Commerce Wonder Women Conference Flyer

Wonder Woman Conference

Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s amazing Wonder Women Conference needed to have an emailable flyer to provide more details of the cool things to come. Using a whole bunch of the modern and bright colour pallet based on the branding, they can promote the event in a fun and engaging way solidifying while brand recognition. 

Dunning Golf Magazine Ads

Dunning Golf

Toronto-based clothing performance apparel company was branching out from strictly golf apparel into “post-workout” apparel, and we utilized Iron Man World Champion Craig Alexander as the perfect spokesperson for post-workout comfort. These ads were in workout-specific publications and featured Dunning’s sleek modern and minimalist aesthetic. 

Foreign Rider Co.

Foreign Rider Co.

Toronto-based clothing company specializing in minimalist Canada-made clothing for post-workouts. This magazine ad is a whole vibe that 100% matched their cozy,  dreamy post-surf aesthetic.


Print ad in a Canadian Parenting Magazine for Maplelea, a Canadian doll company. This ad was aiming for a very quick education – customers can learn as much as possible about this fun + educational company at quick glance. The mood is fun, vibrant and engaging while remaining on-brand.

Please see a full catalogue example online here. 

Drywall Axe Print Ad

Drywall Axe

Drywall Axe needed a quarter page ad in a popular Homes & Gardens magazine. Keeping the visuals to-the-point, you can easily see how this unique tool is used in its natural habitat. Straightforward and educational.